EnviroFlex's FLEXI-SWING-DOOR system is ideally suited for industrial applications such as warehouses, hospitals, factories, food processing plants, abattoirs, refrigeration rooms, chemical factories, textile mills, etc., and have been perfected over many years of continuous development and improvement.


Swing Doors are ideal for areas that have strong insulation needs, windy environments and aesthetic entrance requirements, ensuring safe and easy traffic flow at the same time.


These swing doors are manufactured in South Africa.


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For industrial applications, automatic opening and closing is often desirable, in particular for bigger door sizes.


The swing door can be semi-or fully automated, as well as via remote control.


The upper hinges have an excellent self-closing mechanism and the closing force is easy to adjust. The design allows the door to be kept open once the flap has been opened just over 90 degrees.


The bottom hinge, supporting the weight of the door, has a shear element incorporated in order to give way to accidental collision - thus minimising damage to the frame.


The PvC used is semi rigid and has special qualities such as: very high tear resistance, very low creep characteristics, very high ageing resistance and is also UV-stabilised and therefore weather resistant.


Depending on the application and size of door, 7, 10 and 17mm thicknesses are used.


The FLEXI-SWING-DOORS have very strong and stiff metal frame sections which hold the plastic sheet in a flexible manner - without fasteners! Therefore, the plastic sheet can adjust itself continuously and creasing and/or folding is avoided.


The metal frame can be provided in steel/ painted, steel/galvanised or stainless steel for corrosion resistant application or where hygienic conditions are imperative.



Model A - Fully transparent:

  • Clear PvC allows for excellent visibility on either side of the opening, therefore ensuring safe passage


Model B - Half transparent:

  • coloured lower mantel and transparent upper mantel are used

  • the effects of load contact on the lower mantel are less visible


Model C – Visibility strip

  • partially obscuring the view, while ensuring sufficient visibility during passage


Swing Door_Revlon
Swing Door_Revlon

Swing Door_forklift
Swing Door_forklift

Swing Door_Hinge
Swing Door_Hinge

Swing Door_Revlon
Swing Door_Revlon