EnviroFlex | Welding PvC | South Africa


Welding screens are used in order to protect personnel against dangerous radiation and projectiles emitted by welding arcs.

Our PvC for Welding Applications can be installed anywhere the welding process is used: welding booths, workshops or production lines.

Metal welding causes concentrations of energy, which are dissipated as rays. Rays produced by welding arcs cause irreversible short term and long term damage to the eyes.

Welding arcs produce sparks and hot metal projectiles. These dangerous projectiles can cause severe burns on unprotected skin and can cause fires if the screens are not fire retardant.


RED: 200mm wide x 2.0mm thick
DARK GREEN (also known as Blue):
200mm wide x 2.0mm thick
300mm wide x 2.0mm thick
200mm wide x 2.0mm thick
300mm wide x 2.0mm thick
All PVC comes on 50m rolls or can be cut to your specific length requirements.

                 * other sizes & colours available on request