EnviroFlex | PvC Strip Curtains | South Africa


An ideal solution to insulate and segregate your premises:

Separate 2 rooms with different temperatures

Create a working space

Segregate a zone of production

Shelter from dust

Protect against noise

Stop air-draughts from coming in



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For standard applications.

Strips are sold in rolls of 50 meter length with standard widths of:

200mm x 2mm

300mm x 3mm

400mm x 4mm

* other sizes available on request

POLAR PvC (Low Temps) 

For cold chain applications up to -60oC


Strips are sold in rolls of 50 meter length with standard widths of 200mm x 2mm.



* other sizes available on request

  • Thermic Insulation

  • Sound Insulation

  • Gas-tight & Dust-proof

  • Low temperature resistance (-60°c)

  • Shock & Tear Resistance

  • Clarity or Opacity

  • Fully Clear or Coloured

  • Very Flexible or Semi-Rigid

  • Anti-Static

  • Anti-Insect

  • Anti-Bacteria

  • Fire Retardant

  • Waterproof


An anti-Bacterial agent is entrapped in the PvC compound, making the strip antibacterial


The STOP-BAC PvC technology protects against bacteria in sensitive areas (hospital, food preparation area, area with public passage, etc.)


STOP-BAC has over 99,9% efficiency on most bacteria.


STOP-BAC keeps its efficiency even after being washed.


STOP-BAC requires only a light maintenance: it can be washed with soap water.



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Anti-Insect agent is incorporated into the PvC to deter against insects and other pests


The efficiency of has been demonstrated by a study conducted over 12 months by an independent laboratory.


The Stop-Insect technology incorporates a unique biocide agent, the"423 AGENT" in a tinted compound enabling both passive and active repellence.


The rust orange color has a blinding effect on the insect, while the neuro-toxin kills on contact (not toxic for human skin)




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Welding screens are designed to protect people against the radiations and projections of welding arcs


To help users, different colours have been developed:


Dark green (also called T9) is the most used colour because it was the first to be adopted by the manufacturers of soft PvC


Red has been developed for the automotive industry that required a more transparent product to ensure greater visibility of workstations in the workshop.


To meet the requirements of the European Standard EN1598, the SCREENFLEX® range was created, which is also fire resistant